Guest Info

Useful information


We would like to point out to you that, Imàgo Restaurant offers the possibility of dining by choosing between two tasting menus (€210.00 per person, excluding drinks).
We also remind you that to ensure our standards, it is not possible to choose two different tasting menus at the same table.


We will certainly be happy to take into account mild allergies and intolerances; however, if these are severe, please understand that we may not be able to guarantee the smooth running of the dinner.

Dress code

A formal dress code (formal dress code) is also required at our restaurant. Men are therefore required to wear a smart jacket and long pants (no tie required).


Please note that the Imàgo Panoramic Restaurant presents an intimate and private environment therefore the presence of children is allowed from 8 years of age, provided they do not disturb the atmosphere and tranquility of other guests. The tasting menu is provided for all diners regardless of age.


In the absence of separate rooms, Imàgo Restaurant is not suitable for animals of any kind or size.